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Acoustic Imaging Platform

For developers the ACAM 120 Acoustic Array is a low-cost sensor with an open development platform for Windows applications.

As an application developer, you know how you want to acquire data and how you want to use your data. SIG provides a Developer's Interface that lets you get on with your work.

API: The Developer's Interface

The Developer's Interface includes a C/C++ API (Application Programming Interface) for developing high performance applications, a Java API for rapid prototyping, and support for logging and playback. Source code for typical applications is included.

The developers' interface includes calls to


The API returns data in time domain frames, frequency domain frames, or both. A time domain frame contains a block of data from each of the microphones. A frequency domain frame contains the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) of a block of data from each of the microphones. The time domain and frequency domain block sizes are configurable from 64 to 2048 samples per microphone.

The block sizes for time domain frames and frequency domain frames can be different, and the frequency domain frames can have a 50% overlap.

The API supports both standard and user-defined FFT windows.

Audio Outputs

For excitation the SIG Acoustic Imaging Array has four optional 24-bit audio outputs on two 3.5 mm jacks with 10K output impedance; amplified speakers are required.

Support for Developers

SIG supports developers and system integrators. Contact SIG for assistance.

Hardware and Software Services

Talk with SIG if you have a special requirement for acoustic imaging but your time and technology constraints won't let you develop it yourself. We are happy to customize our products to meet your needs.

Contact SIG